Welcome to the Club...

The Washington Conservation Club

P.O. Box 1019

Washington, IN 47501

The members of this Club associate themselves together for the following purpose:

To uphold and defend the conservation laws of the State of Indiana;

To foster and perpetuate a one hundred percent sportsmanship;

To inculcate a sense of individual obligation toward the conservation work of this state;

To promote and protect wildlife wherever we are.

Washington Conservation Club news:
We currently have a FEW openings for club memberships. If you are interested print/fill out the application to the right, and mail it to: PO Box 1019, Washington IN, Send NO money now, wait until you are contacted.

ATTENTION: The indoor range will be closed: Friday, February 3 at 8 am - until Saturday, February 4 at 2 pm (Business and Lifestyle Expo) Our next meeting will be held this Thursday, February 2, 2023. This will be the "Wild Game" dinner! Please bring a "wild game" or covered dish of your choice or dessert (to share), your own table service (plate, silverware, napkin), and a drink. Supper is at 6:30 pm, and the meeting will begin at 7:00 pm. I am still accepting last minute dues payments! The lock combinations were changed on February 1, 2023. You may pay at Thursday's meeting or place in the mail... If mailing, please be sure to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Washington Conservation Club P. O. Box 1019 Washington, IN 47501


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We have a new phone number for the club up and working! The number is 812-698-4159


The Flag Shines Brightly As It Should Bless The USA!.

Mother Nature Has Been Beautiful, The Last Couple Days! Pictures Taken By Cheryl Flint May...

The lake was calm this morning...just to sit...listen...and watch nature right here in town. It is so great!! .

*Keep in mind the grounds/ranges are open daily for club members. If you are interested in rentals, we are currently only renting to club members, non-profits,and civic org. You MUST call the building manager at 812-698-4159

The Bridge Has Been Removed.

*If you need firewood for the upcoming camping season, there is a lot of fallen timber throughout the woods. Feel free to cut any of the fallen timber you need. Don't forget that you can also camp at the club.

A beautiful flower garden.

* Making changes to our website. If anyone has anything they would like to see up, send us a message or let us know at the meeting.

*Club Business And Rental Call:




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.Our Monthly Meetings Are Held On The FIRST THURSDAY Of Each Month Beginning At 6:30pm.